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Almost Free Corona DC Requests, from now on 2 million per DC

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Echuu Shen-Jon:
The Corona Frigate DC is available from now on at 2 million per DC  to neutral and friendly groups of the Confederacy.

Please post in the following format. There can be up to a 48 hour wait for DC assignment.

Full Handle:

Multiple Shipyard ID #'s in the following format only.


Failure to follow format will result in your request being ignored. Enjoy!

Xpofer Tomas:
Full Handle: Xpofer Tomas
Faction: Astaroth
Rank/Title/Position: 2nd In Command
Shipyards: 7310,7312,7313,7316,3978,7262,5486,5488,5489,5490,5209

Thanks Echuu :)

Sirius Constantine:
Full Handle: Sirius Constantine
Faction: Barab Spacewerkz
Rank/Title/Position: Chief Operating Officer / 2nd In Command
Shipyards: 2913,856,1314,132,129,3569,10255,8235,8814

Thanks guys :)

Solarius Masha:
Full Handle: Solarius Masha
Faction: The Pentastar Alignment
Rank/Title/Position: [HC-1] Grand Moff
Shipyards: 9398

Odac Drol:
DC's assigned....despite the incorrect formatting requested by Echuu :(.


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