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Naviera Hugacha:
So I made a CPM purchase a few days ago for 1,000 Duracrete. Payed in full and arrived at the destination were I'm suppose to pick up. I have yet to receive any communication though.

Samuel Ashen:
Ad Garuda Ram to the crew and send hem confirmation of the pay of what aver toys you purchased and he will load you up expeditiously :)

Naviera Hugacha:
The RM has been picked up now I just need the stuff to be made over.

Samuel Ashen:
1 K of Dura was made over, was there anything else Mr Hugacha  :)

Naviera Hugacha:
Ms. and no, I'm good for now. Though in the future I will be purchasing a couple dc rentals as soon as I can get my hands on the Varium I need. Thank you.


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