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Echuu Shen-Jon:

Samuel Ashen:
City construction job with  all RMS provided in the same system.

Pay 2.000.0000. per city built, need to join CIS government to build the template.

 for people building 10 or more cites per month a Tabder will be assigned to run mat's for construction so you can increase your productivity and swim in money :P

Join CIS and talk with head of state to get started.

Jerak Tyg`ralie:
Position Name: Classified
Department: Ministry of Defense; Sub-Branch Department of Surveillance
Pay: E1-O5
Job Description: Full time duties range from scouting enemy planets to looking for more planets; in addition it is the duty of the Department to keep a watchful eye on CIS Citizens and members who aim to damage the Confederate cause via riots and criminal activity.
Requirements: Interview with the Directorate, Classified Clearance eligibility
Close date: N/A

Atticus Skyreaper:
Position Name: Recruiter Part or Full time
Department: Human Resources and Academic Learning- Ministry of Defense
Pay: E6-O6
Job Description: Monitor appropriate areas of the Darkness site for new players and existing players looking for work. IE: Joined in the last 24 Hours list, Seeking work thread.
Requirements: Approval of current CO or Supervisor, availability of at least one day a week for extended periods of time, advanced knowledge of Darkness functions and CIS history and activities as directed by Director of Recruitment.
Close date: When all positions have been filled

Position Name: Academy Instructor Part time or full time.
Department: Human Resources and Academic Learning-Ministry of Defense
Pay: O-3 and above
Job Description: To mentor new members of CIS, assist them in their Academic studies, and administer Academic exams as directed by Academy Director
Requirements: Approval of current CO or Supervisor, short interview process with Deputy Minister of Human Resources and Academic Learning, successful completion of Orientation.
Close date: when both positions have been filled.

Interested Candidates are to Darkness Message Deputy Minister Atticus Skyreaper once granted permission by their direct Supervisor/CO to apply.


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